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January 4, 2013
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Shall we Dance? by ss2sonic Shall we Dance? by ss2sonic
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CreativePlay Mar 20, 2014  New member
Spikes not wearing any pants :O
Fujin777 Mar 14, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
*Looks a DJ PON-3*
DJ PON-3.....

DJ PON-3: Yes my good sir?

Give Spike a beat to dance to with Rarity in his arms (starts laughing like Tony Stark)

*DJ PON-3 plays "I don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith*
slaughterunited Mar 12, 2014  Student Artist
*During a sunny warm afternoon in Equestria*
* As the door bell ring as somebody enter the cafe *
Vector: Oh hey Spike what brings you here at this time, not many people come at this time in my shop.
Spike: Have you seen Rarity and the mane 6 ?
Vector: No ? Why.
Spike: How bout the rest of your squad Vector ?
Vector: Oh Odin mk II is seating together with Deqoo as he is having some coffe and oz is just sharpening his axe. * while Odin is drinking coffee and reading today's newspaper * Buster and Achilles Deed are having a sparring contest in the basement of the shop as inbit being the refery and Fenrir is having a nice nape at the corner next to the Lan gaming area using his make shift bead hanging on the ceiling.
Spike: Perfect.
Vector: Why are you asking me this question Spike ?
Spike: I need a band play a music while I dance with Rarity.
Odin Mk II: * spits out his coffee at Deqoo Oz face * WHAT !!!
Fenrir: * falls of his bed * BLOODY HELL
* at the basement *
* both LBX's stop for a moment *
Achilles Deed: Did you heard Spike said dance with Rarity
Buster: * looks at Achilles Deed for a moment and punches him out cold * I win.
Inbit:* points his finger at buster * HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXX * shoots a computer moniter at buster.
Buster: sh*t
Vector: you serious.
Deqoo Oz: * grabs his axe and starts raging and chase Odin MK II
Vector: Take your rage at the basement Deqoo. And yes Spike I will help you.
Spike: Thanks vector.
*blaze inferno walks in blood soaked* blaze inferno: hey someones dancing with his dream girl nice job good luck vector: BLAZE WHY ARE YOU COVERED IN BLOOD blaze inferno: oh i should explain that...another bunch of raider tryed to attack the town somehow they trained an ursa major I'll show you guys the head later
Part 2 and 3 are done man

SonicXShadowX Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You can write a fanfiction of that. XD
Cosmicbrony199 Feb 9, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks man
Spike: Ok guys we need to rehearse before the dead line
Odin MK II: So what kind of song should we use ?
Vector: How about this songs I found.
Inbit: Let me see that
Buster: Thats a good selection of music dude
Achilles Deed: Ok so it is decided
Fenrir: But we must not let Rarity and the Mane 6 know about this conversation
Spike: * shook his head in agreement * agreed
Odin MK II: So you know what to do keep a low profile.
* The next day  at the cafe basement *
Odin Mk II: ok so buster is good at the violin, Inbit is a expert at drums, Achilles is exprience at trumpetes, Vector will play the piano and I will be the conducter of the band.
Yasha: Hey guys whats going on here
Blaze inferno: Same here guys
Buster: Blaze, Yasha what you guys doing here ?
Blaze: oh Vector send us a message that you guys need the help you can get.
Spike: Ok whats youre strength
Yasha: I'm good with the flute becuase I usally play it in my free time.
Blaze: I'm great with a heavy piano. I have one at my house
Deqoo Oz: Excatly how big is your house anyway ?
Vector: Hey Deqoo youre good at the lighting.
Deqoo: Yes
Fenrir: I will parthner with buster on the violin
Odin MK II: * After a few hours * DAMNIT I can't seem to do it poperly as a conducter.
Vector: Let me try doing it for you Odin
Odin Mk II: Ok * starts playing piano as Deqoo Oz sets the lighting on Spike dancing
Spike: Looks like Vector is better as a conducter than a pianist
Twilight: * knocks the door * hello can I come in ?
Odin MK II: Oh sh*t everybody to your places. Not yet twi buster is almost wining don't distract him.
* As everybody trues to get rid of the evidence *
Twilight: * opens the door * hey guys 
Vector: Hey Twilight nothing suspicouse happening.
Twilight: Ok I was worried about you guys because I couldent find you guys anywhere. *leaves rhe room and closes the door behind her *
Everybody in the room: * sigh * that was close.
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